Kevin Mitrega (Hg.)

Jewish Vienna

For everyone visiting Vienna, this classic book presents key historical and practical information on the Jewish Vienna of yesterday and today, as well as a profound insight into its culture and history. At its core, the invisible histories and stories hidden behind what is visible. This book has now been brought up to date with countless revisions and additions.
Experience another – a Jewish – Vienna, that isn’t so different after all. Set out district by district, the visitor is guided to town houses, palais, synagogues, cemeteries, monuments and museums, cafés and theatres, as well as social housing. At its heart, the people connected to them, all of whom played an extraordinarily significant role in the history of the city.
A directory of addresses offers information on the everyday life of Jewish Vienna today.

“A unique travel guide that takes you off the beaten tourist track.” – this standard work in a completely revised and expanded new edition.


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Kevin Mitrega (Hg.)
Jewish Vienna
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